SafeKiss™ Online

You are the bridge between the dental and medical community!

Do you know what your patient’s dental rights are? They actually have the right to have a
copy of their very own dental patient records! They also have a right to have their dental records uploaded to an online website. They can view their SafeKiss™ Card Report because you are participating in helping them getting their very own SafeKiss™ card! By participating with a SafeKiss™ doctor team your client’s healthcare providers now has an online place to view their SafeKiss™ reports taken by a Systemic Hygiene Consultant.

Also, by implementing a SafeKiss™ program your dental office will be lowering their liability, why? Well, as a dental office you are already practicing oral systemic link by pre-medicating your patients that have a condition of mitro valve prolaspe. Just think of all the dental patients you see that might have a weak heart or other health conditions that you are unaware of and do not know about. But by using the SafeKiss™ program, you will know!