SafeKiss™ Visit


How long does it take?

When you make a SafeKissTM appointment it will last only 1 hour for a Systemic Hygiene ConsultantTM to take the information about your mouth and body connection!

What is a Systemic Hygiene ConsultantTM?

A Systemic Hygiene ConsultantTM is a Dental Hygienist who has become certified in learning the oral systemic link and how the mouth and body affect each others health!

Why is having a SafeKissTM so important?

The reason you want a “safekiss” is because the bacteria inside your mouth can infect your heart. Make sure you have healthy saliva and to do this you need SafeKissTM appointment screenings!

Can I infect others with my kiss?

Yes you can! And for that matter, you can be infected by another’s kiss!

What does a SafeKissTM visit cost?

Depending on your city and state costs vary as does the economy. The average SafeKissTM visits range between 150-200$. A low cost amount considering you receive about 8-10 SafeKissTM services!

SafeKissTM Testimonials

Dr. Winick, DDS and I have been implementing a Safe Kiss™ Program for the past 2 years. Safe Kiss™ has been a huge success in our practice.  We have been able to educate and inspire our patients to take their oral health to a higher level.  As we have focused on the oral systemic link through the Safe Kiss™ program, we  have  helped many patients improve their overall health and well being.  The profits have been exceptional.  It gives the hygienist greater responsibility and the opportunity to guide the patient with their treatments.  Patients love to be told they have a "Safe Kiss"!

Tammy Kohlschmidt, RDH, Systemic Hygiene Consultant™

I have been using StrawBerry Software™ and the SafeKiss™ Program in my Dental Office for almost two years.  As a health calculator, StrawBerry Software™ is one of the keys the hygienist uses to open up the conversation with their patients as to their greater needs then just scaling and cleaning their teeth.  It is the most organized and complete oral care software that I know of. StrawBerry Software™ and the Safe Kiss™ Program should definitely be the template and guide that the dental community will benefit from when they get more involved with the understanding of the Oral Systemic Link and its' ramifications to their patients.  In addition, our dental practice has benefited enormously from the concepts that
Ms DaCosta brings forth in establishing the business within a business concept.  Not only, do we have a very successful perio wellness program.  We have trained one of the hygienist as a Systemic Hygiene Consultant™ and Certified Thermography Technician.  The fees generated here can be double of her fees as a clinical hygienist.  Our goal is to get these businesses busy enough to hire another hygienist, implement the StrawBerry Software™ and the Safe Kiss™ Program with her and start the process over again.

Reid Winick, D.D.S.