Become a Systemic Hygiene Consultant™

Begin training toward becoming a certified Systemic Hygiene Consultant™  with our 3-part certification course. It’s for all Health Care Practitioners who wish to learn what the Oral Systemic Link connection is and how to address it! Each practitioner receives a Systemic Hygiene Consultant™ certificate upon the 3 part course CEU completion.

Systemic Hygiene ConsultantTM 3 part course

Part One: Online SafeKiss™ Training

In this part of the course you will learn…

1. How to measure Self Health. Find out your own Wellness Score and learn how to take care of yourself as a Systemic Hygiene ConsultantTM.

2. How to measure Office Health. Learn to use wellness equipment. Create an assessment-based business using an Integrative Health approach. You will be taught how to use business tools, certify on wellness equipment and set up your own unique business niche. This is great for Dental Hygienists who don’t practice anymore, but would like to stay in the Dental Hygiene profession. Join our wellness network community.

3. How to measure Patient Health. Learn to implement assessment techniques, puzzle mapping and offer a ‘menu of services’ to your patients. You will also learn an ‘Integrative Health Practitioner Team’ approach, and get connected to the expertise of MDs, Acupuncturists, Dentists, Hygienists, and Chiropractors. They will help you uncover your patient’s mouth and body health, to improve their overall health.

Also, learn the ‘why’ factor of the mouth-body connection. Why do gums bleed? What is the ‘root cause’ of bleeding gum tissues? Where in the body could the imbalance be? Is it bad home care, or could it be unaddressed systemic problems and body deficiencies?

Tooth and Organ Relationship
What is the relationship between the teeth and organs?

Image courtesy of Dr. Harold Ravins, DDS.

The mouth is connected to the rest of the body. Learn the relationships between mouth and body, as well as pain and inflammation.

Part Two: Hands On Training SafeKiss™ School Workshop

The second phase of the Systemic Hygiene ConsultantTM training course takes place at the SafeKissTM Certification School in San Diego CA, for a 3-day workshop series.

The workshops will cover…

Day 1: BioChemical - Postural Analysis and Assessment
Learn about Postural Assessment and ‘ascending vs. descending’ influences. Chirodontics is also an excellent introduction to Cranial-Dental Orthopedics. Cranial anatomy and the various cranial distortion patterns are discussed and you will learn some basic cranial releases with hands-on cranial techniques.
We also cover the Dental strategies for diagnosing and correcting these distortions, and how to incorporate these strategies into an efficient Chiro-Dental team syntax.

Day 2: BioMechanical - Cranial Analysis and its Implications
Explore more specific diagnosis of difficult cranial patterns and their manual corrections. Learn about Respiratory Tri-Planer Corrections and Cranial Trauma Patterns. Cranial nerve examinations and headache differential diagnosis will also be taught. Advanced diagnosis using kinesiological ‘flow charting’ will be explored to determine the nature and correction priorities of these cranial patterns.

Day 3: BioEnergetics – Wavelength Frequencies in the Body
Studying the Electromagnetic Spectrum we discover that just like radio waves, air waves, etc., cellular walls inside our bodies also have frequency too. Learn what measuring those frequencies means and how to learn what they mean.

Part Three- At Home SafeKiss™ Case Screenings

At home SafeKissTM screening. Following completion of the 3-days of workshops in San Diego, you will be required to return to your practice and begin conducting case reviews.

Case Reviews
Learn how to correlate findings from a patient’s assessment. Once findings are correlated, you will learn how to get to root cause of an ailment.

Integrative Health Syntax
Learn to utilize an Integrative Health Syntax model inside your practice. Where do you wish to begin?