Safe Kiss™ Card


How long does it take?

When you make a SafeKissTM appointment it will last only 1 hour for a Systemic Hygiene ConsultantTM to take the information about your mouth and body connection!

What is a Systemic Hygiene ConsultantTM?
A Systemic Hygiene ConsultantTM is a Dental Hygienist who has become certified in learning the oral systemic link and how the mouth and body affect each others health!

Why is having a SafeKissTM so important?

The reason you want a “safekiss” is because the bacteria inside your mouth can infect your heart. Make sure you have healthy saliva and to do this you need SafeKissTM appointment screenings!

Can I infect others with my kiss?
Yes you can! And for that matter, you can be infected by another’s kiss!

What does a SafeKissTM visit cost?

Depending on your city and state costs vary as does the economy. The average SafeKissTM visits range between 150-200$. A low cost amount considering you receive about 8-10 SafeKissTM services!


When I had my dental hygiene visit I was told that maybe I should have a SafeKiss screening. I was unsure about it because I didn’t think I was not feeling  unhealthy. Well, I am so very glad I did have a SafeKiss screening as the information about my health was more than I realized that I needed to address!  I saw a healthcare professional and was told that I had a yeast growing inside my blood cells. I would have never known this had I not had my SafeKiss screening! Thank you SafeKiss for helping me to stay and keep well!!

- Betty Tisdale, Las Vegas, NV

I am a very active guy! I run daily and believe myself to be in really great shape.  At my dental hygiene visit it was mentioned to me to perhaps appoint for a SafeKiss visit. I thought sure why not, does not hurt to have more health information about my health! Well, little did I know that all of my extracurricular activities especially running was depleting my organ health. I felt fine, had no symptoms but now thanks to SafeKiss  screenings and referring me out to be checked by healthcare practitioners I am feeling better than I have felt in years! Nice job SafeKiss..keep up the great work!!!

- John Erhling, San Diego, CA